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What is Coupon Widget and How does It Work?

Coupon Widget is a small bit of Javascript and HTML code that you can easily add to your website. This widget will display the most updated and best coupons & deals from AnyCodes.com to your websites' users. You can customize this widget to your particular needs and you can choose a specific online store, category, or tag to make the widget relevant to your websites' users. AnyCodes.com provides the content and refreshes it with high frequency for the best deals.

Why Should You Add Coupon Widget to Your Website?

  • Enrich your content and attract more visitors - coupons & deals are great traffic boosters for any website.
  • The Coupon Widget is customizable. You can quickly and easily configure the Coupon Widget and make it most relevant to your content.
  • It's FREE!

Terms and Conditions

  • AnyCodes.com reserves the right to cancel or change this service at any time for any reason.
  • To make the Coupon Widget function properly, do not alter the code in any way.
  • AnyCodes.com strives to make the content fresh and accurate, but there is no guarantee of the relevancy to your website.

Generate a Coupon Widget

Select the content type of Coupon Widget:

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Select the size of Coupon Widget: 120*240    468*60    120*320

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Input the number of coupons & deals of the Widget: (Number between 2 and 10)

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