7 Methods to Help Improve Your Driving Skills

Lifestyle 27/08/2018


Driving is never easy. When you drive, you are operating a risky machine, whether it is an experienced driver or a novice, you must be very careful. Driving skills can be improved, whether you are skilled at driving. Here are some simple ways to help you improve your driving skills and help you drive your car safely.


1. Be defensive

Stay focused while driving, always pay attention to what's happening around you, including the type of vehicle and what each driver is doing, such as texting, making a phone call, driving abnormally, and more. The safest way is to assume that an accident is about to happen. You need to find out where you are going to go, where can you hide? Is there someone in the lane next to you, can you swerve into it? If you feel that your driving theory knowledge and reaction speed are all unqualified, then you can go to the online driving course to help you review all the knowledge and improve your driving skills.



2. Hold the steering wheel correctly

In the past, driving instructors taught students to put their hands on the steering wheel in positions 10 and 2. Now, these guidelines have changed. You should now put your hands on 9 and 3 or 8 and 4. Don't use too much force, the grip should be moderate. This allows you to better control the vehicle while driving, to maintain stability and is also the most ergonomic position to hold your hands for long periods of time. Muscles will also be more relaxed.



3. Adjust your focal point

When driving a vehicle, our brain is like a computer, and it takes time to process all kinds of information. If you keep staring at the car in front, then the brain has no time to deal with other problems. Give your brain as much time as possible to react. In busy and complicated traffic, you should focus on the first few cars in front. Also, pay attention to other lanes so that you can react in any situation.



4. Don't drive when you are sleepy

Everyone knows the danger of driving after drinking, but serious sleep deprivation can also cause harm. Studies have shown that one out of every six fatal crashes involves a driver who is lethargic. When you are in poor mental condition, whether you are drinking alcohol, lack of sleep, catching a cold, or taking drugs, you must not drive. Not only does it pose a threat to your own safety, it also jeopardizes other vehicles and people on the road.



5. Don't exceed the speed

When driving a vehicle, we all hope to reach our destination as soon as possible. However, speeding exceeded is very dangerous. If the speed is too fast, it will lead to many situations when it is too late to react, increase the risk of accidents, and may get a speeding ticket. It is, therefore, best to drive at a recommended speed and below the recommended speed for greater safety.



6. Driving safely under harsh conditions

The weather is unpredictable and extreme weather and harsh conditions are often encountered while driving, including rain, snow and night driving. When it rains, deal with the problem of water skiing and pay attention to the puddles on the road. When snow falls, you should also pay attention to the situation of the vehicle slipping. Driving at night, pay attention to the poorly illuminated sections.



7. Familiar with the route before driving

Try to determine your route range as much as possible before you start driving. Find a good route ahead of time and use your phone's navigation system. When driving, even if you need help with navigation, you must set it in advance. Avoid panic situations due to route problems. At the same time, it is best not to drive alone; someone can help find the route. Also, focus on, don't be distracted.



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