How to Take Care of your Hair in Daily Routine

Skincare and Beauty 25/09/2018

The sun, air pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, frequent coloring and perming keep damaging your hair. When you take care of your facial skin, don't forget to spare a little time on your hair. It will be not enough if you only wash your hair. It deserves several steps of daily care to make it look and feel the best.



Let's first begin with combing. Combing is the most basic daily care for the hair. You have to find a right comb for you. There are many types of combs:

  • Paddle brush: It is best for medium to long hair and can help stimulate the blood circulation.
  • Pin brush: It is suitable for thick or curly hair and useful for untangling your hair.
  • Radial brush: It is suitable for wavy or curly hair.
  • Wide-tooth brush: It is useful for all hair types, especially to untangle knots.

After getting your right comb, you also need to comb your hair regularly. Combing helps your hair smooth and clean, but too much combing will lead to split ends and also stimulate grease secretion. Up to 40% off hair brushes from ghd.


How often you wash your hair depends on what your hair type is. If your hair gets oily quickly, you need to wash it more often. It is also related to what you treat your hair. If you are used to applying pomade or mousse onto your hair every day, you need to wash it daily. On average, people need hair-wash twice or three times a week.

Find your suitable shampoos

When choosing a shampoo, the scent should not be the only factor. Try to use shampoos with natural ingredients. The chemicals like sulfates and parabens do damages to both your hair and the environment.

  • Dry hair: Choose shampoos with glycerin and collagen.
  • Oily hair: Choose clarifying shampoos with effective oil-control ingredients.
  • Fragile, treated or colored hair: This kind of hair usually lose its luster and is easily broken. It needs extra care. Thus, the suitable shampoos should be more nourished. You can choose shampoos with amino acids.

Remember to comb your hair to untangle the knots before washing. When you wash your hair, you can apply some conditioners to the end of your hair, avoiding the root, which can condition your hair and make it smooth.


After washing your hair, soak water on your hair with a soft towel of microfibers. Try to dry your hair naturally with air. If you do need to dry it quickly with a blow-dryer, set the dryer on the warm setting instead of hot. If possible, you can spray some heat protectant products on your hair before blow it.


Hair Treatment

Apart from washing and combing, you also need deep hair treatment once a week. You can buy hair masks or DIY - take use of your coconut oil, olive oil or argan oil. Give your hair a massage with hair masks or the oil before washing your hair. Then, take your regular hair-wash routine. Your hair will be shinier. Moroccanoil treatment can be a conditioning, finishing and refreshing tool.

Healthy Lifestyle

The condition of your hair is also related to your lifestyle. Eat healthy food like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to offer enough vitamins. Sleep well to keep the stress away from your life.