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How to Murder Your Life By Cat Marnell

"If you love fashion, beauty, good music, art, partying, and enjoy reading about downtown NYC nostalgia or you love Sweetbitter, you will enjoy the book tremendously."

"Dark, deep, grotesque, sickening, sad, heartbreaking, painful, saddening. Gives you hope, courage and faith that life works in miraculous ways. Amazing. Inspired."

Cat Marnell is a Condé Nast drop-out and former beauty editor at Lucky and xoJane.com. She wrote the “Amphetamine Logic” column for Vice. How to Murder Your Life is her first book.

This is a tale of self-loathing, self-sabotage, and yes, self-tanner. We see her fight between ambition and addiction and how, inevitably, her disease threatens everything she worked so hard to achieve.

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