iGotTech Heavy Duty Gym Lock: 4 Digit Combination Padlock

iGotTech Heavy Duty Gym Lock: 4 Digit Combination Padlock

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Lock-Most gyms don’t allow you to carry a bag around with you so you’ll need a lock for the lockers if your gym provides them. A combination padlock is easy to use and carry.

  • Extra durable - high quality zinc alloy metal body that is made to last, and iron shackle for strong cut resistance.
  • Resettable - set your own combination padlock. Very easy to use.
  • High security - 4-dial combination for keyless convenience - increased protection from thieves compared to 3-digit locks which often can be cracked within minutes.
  • Side window for easy combination viewing.

How to set a combination lock?

  1. Pull up the shackle to unlock
  2. Rotate the shackle 90 degrees counterclockwise and press down
  3. Hold down and continue to turn the counterclockwise another 90 degrees
  4. Set your own combination by turning the dials. Choose a number that is unique but not one you will forget! Don’t use obvious combinations like 1-2-3-4 or your birthday. If you have more than one combination lock use the same code for all of them so you don’t have to remember more than one!
  5. Turn the shackle back as normal then the setting is complete
  6. Turn the dials around a few times and enter in your new combination to test it has set